XBRL Reporting Services

XBRL Agency is one of leading XBRL reporting professional in Singapore. XBRL Agency has completed and uploaded more than 4,000 XBRL reports on behalf of its clients since implementation of the reporting requirements in March 2014.

Companies filing XBRL report with ACRA should ensure that the information filed is accurate and complete. Companies may face prosecution if the errors are found to be materially false or misleading. This requirement, as detailed in Practice Direction 1 of 2014, is crucial as financial information filed with ACRA is public record. The information will be publicly accessed for various purposes including by investors, banks and financial institutions, and by other businesses and members of the public who deal with the companies.

Having this, we constantly keep abreast of latest regulatory requirements in XBRL reporting to ensure compliance of all relevant requirements with ACRA. Our professional fee with standard turnaround time of 2-4 working days which excluding disbursements as below:-

Dormant Private Company   –    S$350
Active Private Company   –    S$550
Active Private Company (prepared with consolidated accounts)   –    S$850
Public Listed Company   –    S$900
Preparation of Financial Highlights

Companies which are (1) commercial banks; (2) merchant banks; (3) registered insurers; and (4) finance companies that are regulated by Monetary Authority of Singapore; or Insolvent EPC; or companies allowed by law to prepare accounts in accordance with accounting standards other than SFRS, SFRS for Small Entities and IFRS.
  –    S$250

Should you require our assistance in XBRL Reporting, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Leslie Chooi at tel: +65 6438 1290 or email at leslie@xbrlagency.com.sg